Hellen Smyth


For many years Hellen Burns Smyth traveled across the US showing her horses in the Amateur Owner Division. 

Traveling from Cockeysville MD to Detroit, to St. Louis, to Manchester, Vt. to Culpeper, Va. and south to Fl.,
she transversed the country with her horses. She transported them herself the majority of the time in her beloved blue 6 horse Imperatore horse van.

She kept a stuffed pig on the dash as her guide.

Sadly, Hellen died in 1997 at the age of 47 from melonoma. Her horse van then went to Garrision Forest School in Owings Mills, MD and transported their horses. It was there that she got the nickname "Blue".

Medhi Kazemi then purchased Blue until 2008 when Fran Burns (Hellen's sister) and Fran Fox (Hellen's mother) purchased her and donated her to Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue.

Blue is currently in use as a much needed storage facility.

Honored By Her Mother & Sister,
Fran Fox & Fran Burns

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