September, 4, 1953 - January, 19, 2013

In memory of Jacqueline Steward - letter from her daughter Christy.

"Jacqueline Stewards love of horse blossomed at a young age. She kept scrapbooks of the races and the show horses in her region of Morrisville. She grew up with an innate link to horses of every breed. When she was eighteen, she fell in love with a rescue horse. She asked her father to help pay for it, he offered her a choice. I will buy the horse you so love, or I will pay for your wedding. Without a second thought, my mother chose her horse. I am told tht she loved that horse more than anything else.

I have vague memories of riding horses with my mother when I was a toddler. I remember her putting me in front of her and wrapping her arms around me. I felt completely safe on top of this large animal in my mothers arm more then anywhere else. I would scream if someone tried to take me from my mother and her horse. In our house, the spirit of the horse embodied our home. The strength and serenity that the horse spirit represents, filled our hearts.

My mother taught me how to learn form the horse, to watch his movements, and his ears in order to communicate with them, and how to see into their big brown eyes.

Later in life, she was lucky enough to live on a horse farm in Montgomeryville Pa. It is on this farm that she taught me how to ride when I was only 6 years old, First bareback and then in a "respectable" manner. Though my mother and I spent much more time without a saddle. We took long rides through the woods, we raced each other in the fields. Many of our important "mother daughter" talks took place on top of a horse, wandering in the woods.There was not a joy more glorious to my mother then feeling the calming sensation of riding, the freedom of the horse and the peace in thier hearts. Mom was tied to these gentle creatures, and they were beckoned to her.

I believe their spirits were intertwined from the first day, and now my mother can ride free forever."

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