I got him he was only six weeks old (and was already weened and shipped from his mother-nice huh?) and was told by the breeder that she was hesitant to let him go because he was so young but, as long as I made sure he was eating well it should be ok. Well needless to say he was a survivor even back then. My friend had also adopted his sister (Molly) so it worked out because they were so young and small before work everyday I would drop Nicky off at her house and her daughter who had just been laid off from work was home all day long with the two of them until she went back to work which was about six months later.

He graduated from puppy kindergarden - and was given a handicap on his obstacle course because he was the smallest in his class! His playmate and best friend in the class was a sheltie named Elmo.

I felt guilty that he was an only child and got Noel about six months later for company and companionship.

I got Nicky neutered because he was getting aggressive towards everyone when Noel went into heat, I came back from vacation and noticed she had some pretty large nipples. At the time I worked at a doctors office and we shared the building with an OB/GYN so we snuck Noel in and she had a sonogram done laying on my legs and sure enough she was pregnant!(my vet advised he could do an xray but, I felt the sono was safer and I got the pictures!!)

They had three boys on September 29th 1999. Elvis , Presley(they went to the same home together) and Tyler (who I kept)

Elvis and Presley died two weeks apart right before their 5th birthday- Presley was hit by a truck and killed instantly and Elvis died of a heart attack two weeks later. Tyler is the only son left.

Nicky has had so many eye issues all according to his ophthalmologist are genetic. He has had at least ten eye surgery's we even tried to make his eyes smaller so he would be less prone to getting abrasions that were the start of his problems (we did that in the situation that he was already having surgery on that eye for another issue and did that as well) the abrasions would ulcerate because he wouldn't respond to the medications and then would require a procedure that was called a conjunctal flap which they would take the eyelid slice it from the inside and sew the eye shut so the meat on the inside would protect the eye from further damage and the meat would mend and heal the ulcer itself and I would have to manage to get an ointment medication into. With all of the eye issues made Nicky extremely neurotic!!! 

His right eye was removed March of 2006 because the eye was ready to "give out" the inside of the eye was actually starting to come out and would not hold up-so it would have collapsed. The vet could have done another procedure which was noted as being excessively painful and not sure it would work and the eye was mostly blind anyway so to remove the eye was the best option. That day Nicky had the toughest surgery they did him last and he was the first one up and on his feet from the anesthesia.

Nicky was infamously known by everyone for a bloodcurdling howl he always did for me or just for attention -for that he was nicknamed by my mother as "Willie the Wailer" then when the other two joined in it was known as the Shih Tzu scream- they sounded like a pack of little coyotes with their heads turned up it was cute. Since Nicky has died they have not done it since.

Nicky managed to get around even missing an eye and mostly blind in the existing one... he was carted around in his pet stroller complete with pillows portable fan, cooler with cold beverages and cool mat in the summer and he had a heating pad and blankets (I crocheted to match his stroller!!)for the wintertime. The funny thing was he never acted upset or that this was something he had to get used to- he acted like it was normal since the first day.

Nicky had the heart of a lion and always managed to give me strength because I saw how determined how he was to get over anything that was thrown his way. He was such a strong determined little dog that he was tyrant like at times and was at those times referred to as Atilla the Shih Tzu. His favorite thing to eat was cheese and bread-especially potato bread known by him as "fine bakery products"....

Honored By His Mom, Laura

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