The $1 Horse Program at Angel Acres is a bit different than most.

Horses that are a $1 are one dollar for one of two reasons; we need the space they are taking up; this may be for a horse that needs to come in with very little notice, like Bandito. 


He or she is a remote placement and is being assisted through Mattie's Legacy Fund to help a horse owner in need.

$1 horses that are Angel Acres horses ARE sound, ARE up-to-date on teeth, feet, shots, deworming, training, etc.

All of the rules that are in place for our other regular adoption horses are in place for the $1 horses. 

Horses that are remote placements will have detailed descriptions and point of contact info.


  • They are NOT unsound and/or elderly.
  • They will walk, trot, canter and jump.
  • All have been vetted and brought up to date on shots, teeth, etc.
  • All have been professionally evaluated for rider experience level needs, for example is the horse 
    beginner friendly or are you going to need a seat belt?! lol

For this reason we do NOT show the $1 horses.

We do not take this step without careful consideration, for we want the horse that is chosen placed as quickly as possible. 
We choose one of the best, most adoptable horses at the rescue and reduce the fee to $1. 

This frees up a spot for a horse in dire need of assistance and allows someone to snag an awesome horse for $1.

We will send you a few pictures, if available, and will chat with you to determine whether or not the horse you are interested in is a good match for what you are looking for in your next horse.

If we feel he or she is a good match for you, we will ask you to fill out an application for adoption if you are interested in adopting him or her.

  • We normally will not have video, if we do we will have that posted or send it to you.

  • All $1 horses are required to be hauled by a professional hauler, the only exception are horses adopted within a 10 mile radius of the rescue.

  • If you are not happy with the horse anytime AFTER the first 2 weeks, we feel that is the minimum time they need to settle in to their new surroundings, we will take the horse back.

  • We will ALWAYS take our horses back whether he or she was an Angel Acres horse or a remote placement horse.

    Hayley is our next dollar horse and his link will be posted shortly...

    For More Details Please Write Or Call!

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